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How to not get depressed!

I seem to come across a lot more “depressed” people these days, either chronic or seasonal. 🤔 If you suffer from depression (and it is not genetic), you can try the following:

1. Get more sun. Even if there is no sun, go outdoors and get fresh air and “light”.

2. Don’t set high expectations for yourself that are unrealistic. Spend less time on social media.

3. Talk to people and let them know how you’re feeling. They may be able to help you.

4. Try St John’s Wort, a herb well-known for helping depression. 

5. Recent scientific research has found a link between “inflammation” and depression. Try 18-6 intermittent fasting.

6. Move, go for a walk and exercise more.

7. Get enough sleep. This one is really important! You may truly need more sleep than others. 

8. Find your Solar Plexus point on your foot (any Reflexology chart will show this) and massage it for 10 minutes a day (each foot, so 20 minutes total). .

9. Get to know yourself by meditating. You need to be yourself and live according to your rules and not others. Everyone is different. 

10. Do look at your diet too. B-Vitamins, Omega carry acids and a balanced diet can mean a regular hormonal system. 

11. Learn NLP so you can challenge some of your negative thinking. 

12. Don’t read or listen to the news. You don’t need all that negative crap!

13. Reduce noise in your life. This can be from draining friends, spam, chores for relatives or whatever that is bringing you down. 

14. Enjoy life and have fun. Money and status are not everything. You’re alive so you’re way better off than billions of others! .

You only have one life. Depression makes you merely exist and not live. You need to fight it.


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