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How you can sell anything to make money

This is what I would class THE best protein in the world. It’s not cheap to make and unsurprisingly, not cheap to buy for the athletes & celebrities that love it. It is made by one of my companies @la_muscle .

So every time the price of raw ingredients go up, I make less money on it - unless I put the price up accordingly.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sell a product that is free to buy?

Even better, something that’s not yours, comes with no hassles, will never run out and you can get it instantly with no shipping costs.

Can you think of something like that? 🤔

The answer is of course yes and as ludicrous as it may sound, companies are already doing it. They are selling AIR.

Believe me when I tell you with the right marketing, you can actually make money by selling air. People are selling coastal air, mountain air, Salt Lake City air etc

I often give this example to my mentoring clients when they say they can’t find anything to sell.

I can guarantee you that with the right marketing, you can sell anything. If you live in Harrow, you can go near Harrow School and grab some air. Bottle it in a very trendy jar with a stylish English Upper Class logo and something that resembles the Queen’s mark of approval and you can sell that. You may not be able to sell it to your British neighbour but you sure as hell can sell it to someone abroad that is either curious or wants a party piece - even nostalgic expats that miss London!

And you may say that is not a big market and I will come back and tell you that if you sell one, you can sell 100 and 1000. For example, there are 1.4 billion people in China and 12% of them earn more than $100k a year!

This is an example by the way. I’m not saying I approve of selling air but I applaud entrepreneurship.

If you want me to mentor you to become successful, click the link and apply for mentoring. You need to have the money though because my mentoring is not “hot air” 🤭 I only take on a few people per year as I’m busy with other projects. Otherwise buy my books from Amazon.

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