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How you treat people defines this

Who is the most reliable, unreliable, trustworthy, untrustworthy, loyal, back-stabbing, kind, unkind, aggressive, passive person ?

The answer?


How you treat people will give you any of the above.

This is Ben and this photo is from 1998. He was one of the first bodybuilders I ever sponsored. Lovely guy. He went on to win the world natural bodybuilding championships thanks to his efforts and @la_muscle supplements. I used to go to his gym, I shot him a few times, I also supported him abroad by going with him to many of his competitions. I realised early on in my business life that you need people in order to be successful. He left bodybuilding to become a preacher.

Some of the best business (or personal) skills you can acquire are those which involve becoming effective at dealing with people. Body language, NLP, empathy and the art of getting what you want from someone will take you far.

As the world becomes more disconnected and post Covid, it’s easy to forget social skills. You order your food on your app, you date on an app, you play games all day. Who needs people, right? You do. If you’re smart. And if you’re smart, you will polish up your social skills to bring out the best in them. Let others become losers by spending all day gaming and talking crap about how they will be this and that. You are different. You are a champion. Well, if you want to be...

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