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IMO NFT, Metaverse etc are all BS

Interesting piece in the FT today. I quote: “Start-up to make $300m in Metaverse Land sales”. The article continues: “Each deed will give the holder rights to land within a game that has not yet been released or previewed”. 🤔

Now I know a lot of people are making money in all this stuff and good luck to them. But to boring old 51 year old me, the above translates into this:

“Alo matey. How’s it hanging? All good, yeah? Listen bruv I’ve got this AMAZIN’ deal for ya’. It’s sick! There’s this city being built up in the sky, yeah? Somewhere up there. So yeah, you wanna’ like buy some land in it? I mean it’s real and all that bruv but it’s just that you can’t really see it or go to it. And it may not even be built. And to be honest wiv ya’ bruv even if it does get built, you still can’t see it. Ever! Only special people like psycho people can see it. Like Yuri Geller and Mystic Meg. But it’s pure gold man. Like, you don’t wanna’ miss out. Know what I mean? It’s the hottest thing. Everyone is buying bruv. Maradonna, Little Iggy Dollar, Bobby One Eye, The Kurdestanians… bruv, even Michael Jackson has come out of the grave and is putting a couple of mil in. So whadda’ ya’ say? Shall I put you in for a mil? I mean that’s gonna’ just shoot up bruv. It’s a city in the sky innit? It’s wicked! I think. Anyway…better not to think bruv… let’s just do this... Bruv… bruvvv?"

Please don’t start commenting saying I don’t understand NFT. Just having a bit of fun 😂


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