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Ignored foods that are SO GOOD for your health and productivity!

As you may know, I have founded several health & fitness companies and written thousands of articles and a few books and want to share some health tips with you.

1. Blueberries and Pumpkin seeds are anti-parasitic - Many illnesses are as a result of over-growth of parasites in your body. Natural foods can overcome this if you include them in your diet. 

2. Green Tea is an incredible anti-inflammatory. If you have any inflammation in your body (throat, intestines, joints), try drinking a fully brewed cup several times a day.

3. Some of the healthiest people on earth have a diet that is 80% fibre. Diseases such as colorectal cancer are not seen in people who have high fibre diets. 

4. Many of the diseases these days are as a result of bad gut bacteria. As you may know, doctors have started doing faecal transplants (I know, YUK!). Have some live yoghurt daily to promote a healthier gut. I know that some people avoid dairy (as do I) but the benefits of live yoghurt are many. You can try sheep live yoghurt which is not as allergic.

5. Water can cure you of most diseases! I know, it is a bold statement. By that, I mean a pure water diet which many people can’t do. So, as a halfway house, increase your water intake. Water will flush out toxins and fat out of your body. If you don’t drink at least 2 litres a day, these stay in your body. 

6. Garlic, onion, honey and ginger are natural antibiotics. If you have recurring infections, up your intake of these.

So, a good breakfast can be blueberries, pumpkin seeds and some live yoghurt and honey. By the way, you are much better off cutting fresh fruit yourself than buying all this already cut, non-ripe fruit stored in plastic containers. If you have any health issues, DM me. I will be happy point you to the right direction or try and help.


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