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Take yourself back to this: It's all relative

You know what Relative means?

No I don’t mean your auntie.

Today I was reminded of this term.

I went to lunch with my amazing wife to this lovely Italian restaurant inside a hotel. If you want to know where, check out my profile on the @live.upload App (download it for free from play/ app stores).

I took the Urus, was feeling good and successful. We sat, started our lunch and were chatting. Then this guy comes and sits 3 tables away waiting for his friend who promptly arrives. He was staying at the hotel. This hotel has high end people, always. I was telling my wife how happy I am about a recent project that could give some good returns.

So then this MOFO on my right starts talking about “his” projects! £100m in one project and as if that wasn’t enough, another one for £150m! 😡

🤦‍♂️”Cheque please”!

Seriously though, he was on another level! At first I thought maybe it is dad’s money he is playing with (he was young) but no, he was some serious high flyer.

I know, eavesdropping is not good but I can’t help it if my hearing is really good, especially when I am snooping into other people’s conversations. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Anyway, it was a good reminder that everything is “relative”. Sometimes we may compete with others in our heads or in real life but I guess the real battle is with ourselves and how we have done and how far we have come.

I left the restaurant with a nice checklist: Health, OK. Money, OK. Success, OK. Nice car outside, OK. Happy wife, OK. Excellent hearing, OK. No diarrhoea, bonus 😁. All was good. It’s all relative. 👍

Good luck to that guy and his £250m investments! 🙄

Best go to a cheaper place next time, where I will be the king 😀


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