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What should you choose at 22?

Yesterday I was speaking to a 22 year old that didn’t know what he wants to do. Actually when I interview for jobs, most 22 year olds either don’t know what they want to do or they have some seriously unrealistic aspirations which usually involve “wanna’ be rich”.

This is me at 35. I remember this photo like yesterday. It was taken by my then new friend, who I knew would one day be my wife even though she didn’t at that time! That’s 16 years ago. I started as her friend and worked my way up!

At 22 I also didn’t know what I wanted to be. Lucky for me, back then there was no social media to make me believe getting rich is as easy as buying some crypto or a clipart made by an ape lol

There is actually a 22 year old that works for me. He came in with the usual “I want to be rich” BS. His first purchase was going to be a Mercedes, even though he hadn’t made any money. I’d like to think that working near me has made him grow up and learn a thing or two. Last week he said he now has the deposit for a flat. Whilst most 22 year olds may think that is too slow to “get rich”, I would say he is not doing badly to have a deposit for his first flat at 22. I never had that! He should be proud of himself.

In today’s confusing world, it is better to at least start and build up towards a certain “something” than wasting time waiting for an uncertain nothing.


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