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How being "young" has changed

Movies and video games have made killing, stabbing and shooting seem normal for the younger generation. Then came along the legitimacy of dancing in your underwear in your toilet and posting it to millions of strangers on Instagram. Then trying to outdance and “shock” people you don’t even know on TikTok.

Youtube is no better with so-called “influencers” making it look like life is easy and money is easy to come by. What is a child supposed to think about money when they see a guy on Youtube give away $1m dollars for someone doing a simple challenge? How are they going to be satisfied with a normal job and a normal salary when they are being taught that money is so easy to come by and so easily given away.

The cherry on top of all this for me was to read about an “influencer” selling her farts in a bottle and earning $200k from it? I thought it was a joke at first. Are we as a society getting THAT stupid and ridiculous? Where are these extremes going?

Whatever happened to reading books? To sitting with your family and having a meal rather than being on your devices? Having respect for people, respect for hard work, respect for money and knowing right from wrong? Wanting to work hard and knowing the value of money?

Jeez I sound old! I guess at 50, I am not young. And yes I do feel sorry for the young.


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