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Why I feel sorry for young people

As I speedily approach 50, I can’t help but to look back at my half century. To be perfectly honest, time has flown. I know it is a cliche but it really has! In a blink of an eye I can go back to Uxbridge College when I was 17 and remember all my friends, teachers, classrooms and with a second blink, I am 49 and 32 years have gone by.

It’s like yesterday when I sat in my Spanish classroom in University, next to the window with the sun shining on my face and I distinctly recall saying to myself “you will never be here again, never be this young again and will miss this moment”.

Fast forward 29 years and I remember that day and yes, I definitely do miss that moment. It has not been bad since my twenties to be honest. I studied law and went on to start my own businesses and did very well. I have an amazing family, properties worldwide, thriving businesses, friends, cars and I’m in good health.

But I can’t help to recall the little moments in life and those are the ones I miss the most. This is also the reason why I feel sorry for young people these days because they are missing out on many things that are so enjoyable.

Take HMV or the Virgin stores for example. I used to go and look at DVDs and CDs for hours. It was so nice just to be able to get out of the house and mingle with other people and enjoy the possibilities! You could buy something or not, you could meet someone or not but in the end, it was about being able to socialise or just be on your own among people. Even if you were super lonely, you wouldn’t feel alone in an HMV store.

Nowadays, if you want to browse music or movies, you do it from your computer. No need to move, no need to breathe some fresh air, no need to socialise.

And this socialising (or lack thereof) is where I feel sorry for young people, especially in the Covid age. You used to be able to socialise with the opposite sex anywhere and hone your skills and learn from your experiences. Even before Covid, people had started to lose this opportunity due to the digital nature of our world. Most people are too attached to their digital devices and the digital world. They want it easy, fast and now.

Now, during Covid, some of my friends who want to date have to go through some interesting hoops! My friend was saying he first goes on a dating app, then does a Zoom session with the prospect and then if all has gone well, he meets up with masks on and social distancing. It is not long to go now before virtual sex will become part of the norm - and I am not joking.

When I hear these sort of stories, I am grateful for the life I have had and feel sad for youngsters. I don’t want to sound like an old man but “they don’t know what they are missing”. And here it goes “back in my day, things were much better”.

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