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Why you shouldn't take your youth for granted

It’s funny (actually not) how your memory goes as you get older. Sometimes I glance at LinkedIn recommendations and I sort of recognise the names being recommended to me but then I have no idea who these people are. Who are these old people that seem to have gone to my university? 🤔 Do I know them? Do they know me? 🤔

My grandfather used to tell a story over and over again about some guy who fed 200 people. “You know" he would say… “that night HE FED 200 PEOPLE” he would shout. In my 20s, man I found that story annoying. Then I would have to always answer back about my amazement; or rather shout back!

I notice my mum has also started repeating certain things. ☹️Sometimes she repeats the same story. But you know the funny thing is that now at 51, I start listening to the story and I sort of don’t remember how it went the last time and I listen to it all over again. 😂

Anyway my point being that we often take our youth and memory and sense of awareness of what we have told to whom for granted. However, unless you have got some super brain and you have lived a healthy life with plenty of exercise, great nutrition and water, you may not always have the same command over your memory.

They say doing puzzles, eating healthy, not doing drugs and keeping active help with memory. It’s never too late to start!

By the way, did I tell you my grandfather’s friend fed 200 people?


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