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Will success be the end of you?

Here’s one of the problems with business. When you are not successful, you keep working and working to become successful. When you ARE successful, you can’t stop! Either you want more success or you don’t want less success. So you still keep working! Isn’t that crazy?

I tried to break this cycle when I turned 40 by retiring to Marbella. You think you are different to others and that you are the exception to the rule where you don’t need any more. But for most people, life does not let you get away with success that easily. Even if you don’t want any more, you end up in the trap of not wanting any less.

So I came out of a very short retirement and back into it in my 40s.

Now I am 50 (let’s not talk about how it flew by) and trying a second semi-retirement in the sun. A short while in and I am already bored to death! Hence taking on some mentees and soon I will be making some music videos!

If you are starting out or on your way to success in business, I would strongly advise you to have a long-term plan of what you will do once you have achieved the success you have set your mind on. That way you have a goal and an end game. The last thing you want is to be a slave to success. I know what you are thinking.. you won’t be one of “them”. You will know exactly when to stop and you will know when enough is enough. You want to bet?


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