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Would you be a cat or a dog?

Your own business can get you anything you desire.

One of the questions I ask people I mentor is this:

“If you were to choose an animal in business, would you be a cat or a dog?”

The answer is almost always a dog! Why? Because dogs are more intelligent.

To me, this is the wrong answer!!!

Put a dog in an enclosed garden and it will go, sniff around, run around, get to know the place, mark its territory (which may not even be his) as much as it can and that’s that.

Put a cat in the same garden and it will immediately go to the highest vantage point, look around, get to know the area, the ups, downs, dangers and soon enough, it will go and explore the whole territory to get the BEST idea of where it is and what’s around.

To me, any person that can/will be a great business person needs to be much more calculative than others. In other words, you need to see your world, your business, your environment aerially and not just from where you are down below with the other animals. Intelligence and certain advantages (such as being able to pee on walls!) have their place but to be truly successful in the long run, you need aerial vision. Work like a dog by all means, but do also think aerially like a cat!

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