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10 things you should always have with you and why

1. A full battery on your phone - You never know when something may happen; for example ending up in hospital. Don’t think it’s unlikely as it can happen and then you will need battery life before someone brings you a charger! 2. Diarrhoea pills on a flight - You NEVER want to have diarrhoea on a flight and if you do, they won’t give you anything to stop it due to regulations. It will be your worst nightmare but having your own pills can stop it. 3. Anti-histamine pills - They can stop a whole variety of problems from respiratory to allergic responses. They are tiny and can literally save your life or those of a loved one. 4. Aspirin - can stop a heart attack in some instances as well as many other ailments such as headaches.

5. Cash - It’s used less and less but a bit of cash can be very handy in an emergency. Hide it somewhere safe and forget about it. For example in your shoe or wallet. 6. A belt with a big buckle - An ideal weapon for fighting if you are unfortunate enough to get a problem. . . 7. Tile tags - Putting a tag on your belongings such as your laptop can mean you can instantly track it if someone steals it! It happened to my friend Robert in the airport and he found his bag and the thief in a few minutes. 8. Mobile phone - In this day and age we all carry one. It can do so many things in an emergency from taking photos as evidence, calling emergency services, giving you directions, being a torch and so on. A long list! 9. Pen - Again an essential weapon if needed (lots of youtube videos on this) as well as helping you write down amazing ideas that can otherwise escape you. 10. Paper - Great for writing your ideas down, plugging a hole or being used as toilet paper.

You may think I have gone crazy about the above but believe me, one day you will thank me! .


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