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Perspective can make you instantly happier

Yesterday I was at this coffee shop and on the next table was a woman eating a cake like she hadn’t eaten for years. Her buggy was next to her. After eating, she went inside leaving the buggy for a while! I was alarmed but when I looked inside, she had all her belongings in the buggy. In fact, thinking about it, she was not at child bearing age.

She came back and sat there for a while enjoying the sun and the crumbs from her cake with a blanket around her.

I went inside and asked the coffee shop workers if she is homeless and if she needs any help. They said she is but that she won’t take any money and is adamant that she doesn’t need any help. I left some money with them and told them that if she comes in again, please give her some food. They said that she will accept food.

My point? Sometimes we may wake up in the morning, moaning that we don’t have enough or we need this or that. It is worth remembering that some people have their belongings in a buggy, others may be at the doctor’s office waiting for bad news and many others suffer more than we can imagine.

I will be honest with you and tell you that sometimes I moan that life is this or that. I, much like many of you have no right to moan. If we have our health and a roof over our heads, we are already luckier than many. If this applies to you, then make no excuses. Seize the day and make it a productive one. I intend to.

If you feel like you are not motivated and can’t get going, have some caffeine. I am serious!

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