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Synchronicity and how you can unleash its power to be more successful at everything!

I met my wife through an incredible coincidence. Will tell you more later! Do you know what Synchronicity is? Have you thought of someone and they suddenly call you? Or experienced “perfect timing”? Or benefited from the “law of attraction”? Synchronicity is termed as coincidence by some. However it seems to be more than that. Synchronicity breaks statistical probability. Many people believe in “everything happens for a reason” and synchronicity is a big part of that. No, I have not turned into a monk and am not now living in Tibet!!! However, as I grow older, I have become aware that I don’t know everything and there are some things out there which are totally unexplainable and beyond us. If you believe in god or the bigger universal force, then you will put synchronicity as part of "the plan". If you don’t hold such beliefs, then you still cannot doubt the existence and sheer improbability of synchronicity. It must have happened to you during your life. Religions call it a gift from god. Either way, if you want to experience more statistical improbabilities, you need to: 1. Go beyond your ego and get in touch with your soul. i.e. let go. 2. Be open-minded. 3. Be of service to others. 4. Get closer to nature. 5. Educate yourself by reading things like philosophy. 6. Use the law of attraction, think positive thoughts. Good luck!

Synchronicity and success

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