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Why you shouldn't be afraid of competition

Competition shouldn’t faze you. If you are afraid of competition, you should not think of starting a business or if you are already in business, if competition worries you or makes you anxious, maybe it’s time to get out. Competition is good for growth and innovation in companies, it is good for individuals to make them develop further and it is great for consumers as it gives them better pricing and more advanced products. Entrepreneurs are warriors. If you don’t see yourself as a warrior, then it is not for you. If you do, then remember to be a true warrior you need to be: 1. Clever 2. Disciplined 3. Persistent 4. Cunning 5. Knowledgeable 6. Patient and 7. Courageous. The ones that you lack, you must learn! I’m not patient at all, but to be a true warrior, I have learnt to be! The best of luck to you.

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