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How not to limit yourself in Sales

A lot of people inhibit their own growth and success by “assuming” that others see the world the way they do. For example, say you are good at making stuff but you don’t go all out to sell your goods because YOU think that you come across as too salesy, YOU don’t want to put pressure on people or YOU think it’s better to wait. Well, this is YOUR OWN limitations on yourself and your own interpretation based on your own INCORRECT “assumptions”. . . Maybe the potential buyers actually DO like your product and DO want you to sell it to them? Maybe you are doing them a favour by giving them your amazing product or service? . The above is a similar analogy to the salesman that gives his own opinions on the products he is selling rather than getting on with the job and doing what is right. For example, the salesman is poor and so he puts the buyer off the extra options that he could sell on a car! IF he didn’t make assumptions based on his own limitations, he would sell much more!! . . When you want to be successful, what is right is 👇 1. You make, own, have something to sell (goods or services),. 2. You invite/find the potential buyer, you ask the right questions from them. 3. You give the right information to fit with their answers. 4. You CLOSE THE DEAL. . . Leave your assumptions, limitations, expectations and negativity at home.

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