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Why you should use the power of "Anchoring" for more success in life and business and grea

Anchoring in NLP is so powerful. Using music, smells or just gestures, you can instantly change your state of mind, mood or thoughts. I often tell my younger mentoring clients to actively listen to music and wear a specific fragrance especially at times they are having great success. This will be invaluable in years to come.

For example, I have been listening to @therichardmarx music for over 30 years: “Should have known better” instantly transports me to the beach in Larnaca, Cyprus, 1988. I was 17, naive, skinny, learning my way through life and terrible with girls (well, not as lethal as later years anyway 🤩). . . “One more try” takes me to 1994 University of Westminster. I was at the height of my “youth” in many ways, finding my way, getting to know who I am, making life-long friends, failing exams, not realising what a precious time University days in London really were.

“My confession” 1997, the start of my work journey and the beginning of real entrepreneurial sparks. I started @la_muscle in that year. It went on to give me everything I wanted in life, financially anyway. . . “Whatever we started” 2014, flying from Marbella to Madrid on a plane. First time I heard this new song of his on Beautiful Goodbye. By this time, I was extremely successful, married, happy and established in life as who I am and what my journey really is; a journey that is prone to change due to my ever-searching mind and constant goal-setting. This album really cemented in my mind what a great artist Richard Marx is. I am sure millions of people have taken his music on their life’s journey. I saw him at the Albert Hall a few years ago. Talented, funny and his music, still an “anchor” for many memories. If I want to know who I am and how far I have come, I just need to listen to his music from 1988. It makes me appreciative of everything I have. If you don’t use anchoring in your life, you may want to consider it as it has huge power in influencing you in a very positive way. .

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