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The bad side of social media and a simple thing they refuse to do

With all the good that social media has done in connecting people, inspiring them and helping them make money, it has also done so much harm to so many. From wasting endless days of people’s lives, to destroying their confidence, facilitating bullying and misleading many impressionable souls. Social media is a monster not accountable to anyone. How many people have wasted money they don’t even have buying things they can’t afford because they keep seeing others show off? How many young men and women have got eating disorders because they are impressionable and think they should look skinny or be plastic-surgeried up to the eyeballs (literally)? Have you seen what some Iranian women have done to their beautiful faces?🤦‍♂️ I have been thinking during lockdown of how I can get @live.upload to be more socially responsible as it grows and eventually becomes more of a social media app. One of the biggest issues with social media is the sneaky way it creeps into your brain & starts making you feel like you are not good enough or achieved enough or that you constantly need to do more and be on edge - to be more liked, followed or whatever. Messing with your head 24/7 if you allow it - and most people do because it’s subconscious. I want to implement regular reminders for those impressionable people or those that get lost in hours of looking at photos and videos. These reminders will be in the form of photos & quotes that keep things real. For example: “Health is more important than looking skinny” “Not everything you see on social media is true” “Inner happiness is more important than materialistic things”. Future versions of the app will have these socially responsible real life “reminders”. It is such an easy thing to implement for the big social media companies and it costs them nothing. Just drop an image of a real person every once in a while with a thoughtful slogan that breaks the endless pattern of zombie browsing and taking in all the unrealistic rubbish you see. They say Til Tok has algorithms that only show pretty people. Social media surely has some sort of social responsibility?

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