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Why shutting down a whole country may not be the best idea!

Am I the only one that thinks shutting down an entire country is like setting fire to yourself when you have a headache that “could” turn to a migraine? I am no scientist but it seems to me that deaths in the UK began to decline around April 8th. This was way too soon to have been brought about by the panic of the UK government and the closure of pretty much everything. What this tells us is that the closure of the country did NOTHING. I know many of you “scared” people, sitting at home glued to your TVs will disagree with this. However, surely you can’t disagree with something that seems more and more obvious.

There is a virus. However I am questioning whether closing the whole country and making a whole generation mentally ill, jobless and less well off actually had any effect on the overall outcome. This virus is more deadly and infectious than the flu, but it seems to have been around a lot longer than we are led to believe and by the time the country was locked down, the damage and peak reductions had already began. Like most viruses, for the most part, many people are catching it and their bodies are dealing with it.

Furthermore, am I the only one that is “bothered” by the fact that the “eminent” Professor “doomsday” Neil Ferguson doesn’t actually believe his own scary stories and prophecies and carries on as normal?! 🤔 The government will NEVER admit that it made a mistake. If lockdown made no difference to the figures and I am 100% convinced that in time, this will be what history will write, then think for a second what catastrophe has been brought upon millions for no reason other than “hype” and “fear”. Yes, sort out your testing and your PPE but lock everyone up? South Korea and Sweden didn’t do this. Are they Martians or humans like the rest of us? Some people say this has all been used to force people to adhere to track & trace or to do with 5G or to divide the rich and poor. I don’t believe conspiracies but I 100% understand why people believe them because when logic has totally gone out the window, how can people make sense of the world without resorting to an alternative view?

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