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How to stand up to manipulation

Since it seems to be the time to “revolt”, surely it is a good idea to revolt against the elephant in the room: MANIPULATION. It’s everywhere and yet it has become part of our world, just like racism. Look at social media as an example. They manipulate the hell out of everyone that uses their platforms by making you stressed, anxious, mis-informing you and leading you to do things you don’t really want to do just to get “likes” and followers. They use your data as they wish to manipulate everyone else or to sell them products and ideas. Tik Tok makes millions of young people take their clothes off, become brain-dead and now IMO they are manipulating whole nations by for example showing the destruction of the USA. Big Pharmaceuticals push their drugs to billions by scaring you and misinforming you. Take statins as an example; they lower the threshold and scare millions that they are going to die of the killer “cholesterol” to get more people on their drugs. Youtube shows you what IT wants to show you and shadow bans videos it doesn’t want people to see. And let’s not go into Coronavirus and how the panic and subsequent reactions have probably killed more cancer and heart attack patients than the virus itself. How it has given governments a legitimate excuse to track you and lock you down. How you are so fearful that you don’t even want to work, be productive or socialise any more. Surely if you want to burn down your cities or loot Gucci or LV, the manipulation of your brain is also a good enough reason? Could a bigger manipulation of the masses be happening right now especially in the USA? It is election year over there after all. Wake up people. If you want to do something positive, stop listening to the news and being on social media all day. You are being manipulated.

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