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Why we may all be better off without social media

I was on the crappy Tik Tok getting my brain vegetated for a few minutes this morning when I saw a clip of some dude pretending to poo in a busy train station bin. This guy started off with violent pretend fights with his so-called girlfriend and now this. All for views and followers. What’s next? The sad thing is, he has 3.5m “followers” on Tik Tok! And then we have the come talented come deluded Kanye, running for the Birthday Party! Does he think Elon Musk backing him is genuine or does he see that Elon is very clever at marketing and getting publicity? Where is society going? And what is happening? I know it sounds like an easy “out” but I seriously blame social media. Social media is good in so many ways but terrible in others. All this “mob rule” is because of social media. School bullying went past the school gates with social media and soon it turned to adult bullying. People are literally scared to say or do anything in case they offend someone now or in the future. Even TV program makers are afraid of making anything these days in case their program offends some existing or future mob. I am on social media like many others and it is a good platform for reaching people and yes, sometimes I do funny stuff on there for views too (for my brands mostly) but I would happily give it up in a second if everyone agreed to demolish social media. From fake news, to interfering with people’s will in elections, to bullying, to mob rule, to making millions of teenagers feel worthless, social media is an evil that is destroying the world. How do you tell a young person of today that social media is literally emptying their brains and destroying their capacity to be part of “real” life? All these pranks, all this anger, all these lies, all this bullying, all this mob rule. They have become our real world. Teenagers feel like they will quite literally die if they don’t have their mobile phones with them for a few hours. I know some younger people will probably call me old for these views and maybe I am. Maybe the future is one of being cool because you pretended to poo in a bin in a busy train station.

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