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Don't trust Millionaires who tell you money doesn't bring hapiness!

This is me around the year 2000. I had just started to make some decent money.

Been fortunate to have continued to do well over the last 20+ years.

And you know what? I am much happier for having made money.

I really hate these millionaires that come out with crap like “money doesn’t make you happy”. Or “I was happier when I had £5 in the bank”.

Really? OK mate. Give your money to charities then and leave £5 in your bank!!! 😀

FACT: Money does make you happier.

Life is full of unexpected turns and so many things can happen but there is no way money makes you unhappy - UNLESS you have other issues. It’s not money’s fault that you are unhappy when you become a millionaire! It’s your own fault lol 🤩

So, if money doesn’t bring happiness, why does pretty much everyone want more money? “Oh please god, give me more money so I can be unhappy!” 🤔

Money can:

1. Help you pay your parent’s mortgage.

2. Get you better health-care if you are ill.

3. Pay for your children to be well educated.

4. Give you holidays in the best places.

5. Help you make other people happy by giving them money.

6. Buy you the BEST therapists even if you are unhappy having money! 🤭

Sure, people have had happy times in their early years without money or with very little money. But that doesn’t translate to money not bringing happiness.

If you come to me for mentoring, I will never tell you to make less money to be happy! I will always tell you to make more. Then if you are unhappy, you can give it away to others who appreciate it more!

Avoid people who tell you money doesn’t bring happiness ESPECIALLY if they are millionaires!


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