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Top 10 Relationship Advice!

No idea why so many people message me asking for relationship advice as that is really not my specialty!!! For what it’s worth, here are my top 10 relationship tips taken from life’s experiences! 1. There IS someone for you out there, so never fear or get anxious or desperate. 2. It it true that some people prefer “bad boys” or “bad” girls and if you are not one, then it’s no point stressing. If you are a nice person, be proud of that. Forcing yourself to be with someone will invariably fail in the end. 3. If you want to have sex with someone, don’t keep going on about it! The more you talk, the less you will get - I am referring to the initial part when you haven’t had sex. 4. My friend’s friend went to China on a business trip. Messed around with women there, went back to his wife in LA. Gave her an STD. They got divorced. He lost half his fortune. NOTHING is worth risking your health or those close to you IMO. 5. Always be polite, courteous, considerate and learn to “listen”. Offload the crap in your head to your mum and dad and give your partner a break from your nagging if you want to be happy. 6. NEVER criticise your partner to your parents or vice versa. A BIG mistake many newlyweds make! The results stay a lifetime. 7. Nothing is perfect. You will never find a perfect relationship where the sex is great all the time, you share everything in common, you hold hands forever, you love spending every minute etc etc. Learn to compromise. 8. If you truly want to be with someone, you will find a way. Put your ego aside and don’t take things personally. 9. If you are trying to get with someone, SHUT UP! Don’t talk about yourself. Ask questions, take an interest and mould yourself into what they are looking for. It may not last though. 10. There is no wrong or right. Don’t compare yourself or your relationship to others. Everyone is different. As long as you’re both happy, that’s all that matters. . .

Bonus - eye contact is important. If someone has eye contact with you, chances are they like you.

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