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Rest in peace Zef Eisenberg

2020 has been a year of shocks for me. It’s not often that any news literally “floors” me but 2020 has been that sort of year.

Today I heard that one of my friends Zef Eisenberg had died. I had known Zef on and off for 24 years and although we didn’t keep in constant contact, he was one of the very rare people that I held in very high regard.

Zef was the founder of Maximuscle, one of my competitors in the early days in fact and went on to sell it 3 times, eventually for £163m to Glaxo-Smithkline.

Zef was extremely intelligent and immensely successful and truly thought outside of the box. His brain would almost be too fast and you could see when you speak with him, he is past analysing you and onto other thoughts!

Even though Zef almost died a few years ago in a motorcycle crash, the bug of speeding and racing was something he just couldn’t let go of. He decided to fight the “devil” and went back racing and breaking world records again, only to crash and die at the same race circuit where he technically had died a few years earlier (before being saved by paramedics and doctors). I guess you can’t fight the devil. You need to run away from him.

Him and I were very similar in that we were both very impatient and shared certain likes; however I am in no way a speed-junkie the way Zef was. Some would call it brave. I am not sure I would use that word. People are different; each to their own. He was certainly very determined and had shown time and again that the mind is more powerful than most things.

What saddens me is that Zef really was larger than life and invincible. When you hear that someone you regarded as a powerful invincible person has died, it really makes you think of your own mortality. Hearing about his death is a bit like hearing of Princess Diana, Michael Jackson or George Michael dying. You just never think these sort of people will die young, no matter what goes on with their life and health.

Zef was very wealthy with a beautiful family and property all over the place. Why would you carry on endangering your life in the worst way Zef? Why couldn’t you stop? I guess that’s the same question that people ask gamblers or other men (yes usually men - good old Testosterone) that can’t stop something that most logical people would try to stop.

Zef had an infectious laugh and was a unique person. He will be missed I am sure by many people. I feel very sad for his partner, children and his sister Donna whom I have not seen in some 23 years.

Life is not a guaranteed long-term event. For many people, it is cut short either by destiny or by themselves - which some would also call destiny.

My condolences and heartfelt sadness go to his family. I am so sorry that his children will no longer see their dad’s smile, enthusiasm or benefit from his wisdom. Life can be cruel. RIP Zef. I am sorry to hear of your passing.

This is a photo of Zef and I 23 years ago!


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